Friday, 10 October 2014

#ZomatoMeetUp: Otosan Suki Restaurant

HELLO! We are truly sorry for being bad food blogger but we're so excited to review Otosan Suki Restaurant as one of Zomato events for Jakarta foodie. Big thanks to Zomato for your invitation and also to Irvan Mulyadi as owner of Otosan. And Overload Journals finally met another foodie and also food blogger in Jakarta. This is soo ah-mazing feeling in the world :D Okay, let's move on to Otosan. This restaurant was established by Oto. This restaurant has minimalist concept like wooden chairs and bright couch to make this restaurant more private.

After Mr. Irvan's explaining about interior design, the chefs started to prepare delicious food for us. Starting from Salmon Soyu Don. A fresh salmon, butter rice, nori, red ginger, and mix with their secret ingredients.This flavor is so unique and delicious choice for starter. We ordered Lychee Yakult. Even though, yakult flavor is more tasty than lychee flavor. There are several options for the drinks; Kyoho Kult, Peach Kult, Green Tea Kult, Cold/Hot Ocha.

This one called Yellow Submarine Roll because there's a Mango sauce on the top of sushi. Looks yummy!

Then, there is the best menu in Otosan called Suki, which consist Enoki mushrooms, Chikuwa, Oborosuki, Horenso, and slices of beef. They're using salmon bones for the broth which provide fragrant smell and taste more delicious. They gave us options for any kind of broth we would like to try; Otosan Spicy, Otosan Sweet, and Tom Yam.

This one is called Okinawa Roll :D

This one called Summer & Spring Roll. It contains a lettuce, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, and spring roll skin. It felt very fresh, healthy, and suitable for your lunch.

And for the dessert, there is Cawan Puding. This dessert is made from eggs. They're using more yolk than egg white. This is so freaking yummy because it is not taste fishy but it has sweet vanilla smells, this one is recommended for you!
That's all for Otosan Suki's review. We are truly thankful to Otosan and also Zomato! Can't wait to post another new restaurant in Central Jakarta! Please check out our previous post in here and our zomato in here. Don't forget to comment down below and leave us your link so we can visit yours too!

Otosan Suki Restaurant
Gedung 57 Lantai 3
JL. H. Agus Salim No.57, Menteng
Central Jakarta


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