Friday, 31 October 2014

Opening New Restaurant: Marugame Udon & Tempura

HELLO! Today we're going to review new restaurant in Grand Indonesia which is MARUGAME UDON! We would like to say big thanks to Marugame Udon to invite Overload Journals to your big opening restaurant :D We're very pleased to see Tyson and his family in here *rolling*. Marugame Udon is finally open for public now. This restaurant has an unique interior which is more minimalistic. They also have semi open-kitchen and wooden chairs & tables.

Let's move on to the food!
We were watching the chefs preparing our food in big semi open-kitchen! The smells felt soo damn good and tempting!

Tendon Seafood Rice (50k)
is a big portion of rice and jumbo ebi tempura! We also got kakiage and skewered tofu roll :D We have to say that the portion they gave us was freaking awesome and we love the sweetness from the teriyaki sauce. We also like ebi tempura because it feels soft and we love the crispness from its skin, yumm :9

 We also add 3 free tempuras to our plate. We chose Ebi Tempura (14k/pcs), Tori Tempura (12k/pcs), and Broccoli Tempura (10k/pcs).

 Tendon Tori Rice (50k)
which has tori tempura, Kakiage (10k/pcs), Egg Tempura (8k/pcs), rice, and teriyaki sauce.

Then, we chose 3 tempuras which are Ebi Tempura, Sweet Potato Tempura (10k/pcs), and Chicken Chilli Tempura (7k/pcs). We also got optional Ocha which is cold/hot for 10k.
That's all for today's review! Don't forget to comment down below and let us know what you think. Please check out our zomato in here and our previous post in Carnivor Pantai Indah Kapuk in here.

Grand Indonesia Mall
Lantai 3A, West Mall
Jl. MH Thamrin 
Central Jakarta


  1. those foods look like tasty :9. I think i'll love the chicken chili!

  2. Delicious! Check out my fave of today!!

  3. Great post my dear:))
    If you have time visit me on my blog :))
    xoxo Antonella

  4. Went here to grab dinner and it turned out to be happy hour - which was awesome! We liked the dish so much that we got another round. We got to San Francisco restaurants fairly early and by the time we were leaving, the place was packed.

  5. It looks delicious!

    - Audrey

  6. Yumyum! My fave place to eat back in jkt!!


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