Sunday, 26 October 2014

Carnivor: Breakfast Launching (Blogger Gathering)

HELLO! First we want to thank you to Mr. Adriantomo and ZOMATO for your invitation  to meet with other Jakarta foodies and food bloggers at Carnivor Barbecue Specialist Restaurant and also Mr Ridwan J. Kumala as the owner which located in Pantai Indah Kapuk, Rukan Crown Golf Mediterania, Blok D, JL. Marina Indah Golf, North Jakarta.We also met famous food bloggers like Soya vs Food, Yenny Michael, Deddy Miharja, Cindy Lulabyspoon, and met fellow zomato foodies! Freaking excited!
This invitation felt so special because Carnivor Barbecue Specialist has just launched a new breakfast menu! It is now open for public from Tuesday - Sunday at 07.30-11.00 am. When you entered this restaurant you will know this restaurant is using a full of vintage concept, a lot of photos hanging on the brickwall, wood colored material and we think it's kinda romantic in the night with a lot of candles that they've put for this concept.
 When we want to order menu, a waitress gave us an electronic book to order drinks before food. We ordered Sweet Ice Tea (IDR 15K), Avocado Affogato (IDR 32K), Banana Butterscotch Latte (IDR 23K), Mix Juice consist manggo and strawberry (IDR 27.5K), and Carrot Juice (IDR 25K)
Avocado Affogato is a little bit bitter. We expected more from the avocado affogato because from what we've seen on electronic book menu the photo looks pretty delicious. Banana Butterscoth is very sweet in our tongue. They also gave you a sugar sachet. Lastly, for Mix Juice and Carrot Juice, it felt sweet and good for your healthy to drink juice in the morning.
After we were waiting, the whole new breakfast menu finally came up! Hungry people very excited to take the photos! LOL

Puff Pastry Sandwich

The Egg Benedict 
are made of by 2 poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, fun bread, and sauteed mushroom. For this menu you may choose 3 variants topping which are smoked ham (IDR 45K), streaky bacon (IDR 49K), and salmon (IDR 65K). For the salmon topping that we tasted is a lil bit salty and the eggs smell fishy, but the combination is good.

Crouque Monsieur with Meat Lover (IDR 55K) 
topping, there are 4 variants topping for this one which are Bacon and Egg (IDR 48K), Pepperoni (IDR 48K), Mix Cheese (IDR 48K). The one that we ordered is meat lover consist cream sauce, onion, mushroom, sausage and beef. Meat lover is a good choice to eat in the morning. Actually, on the electronic book menu, meat lover consist cream sauce, onion, mushroom, sausage, ham, streaky bacon but we asked Mr Ridwan to change the pork into beef then he said yes you could. This one was an exceptional option for us :p. And the good news is we could change the bread with white toast or wheat toast, which one do you prefer?

Carnivor Big Breakfast (IDR 69K) 
are made of by 2 eggs to your liking, baked beans, streaky pork bacon, sausage braheurst, sauteed mushroom, and white toast, this was one was pretty big just like the name.

Spanish hash (IDR 65K) 
consist of poached egg, hollandaise sauce, diced potato, sausage braheurst, pork ham, and toast bread.

Shakshouka (IDR 68K) 
is a famous Tunisian dish for breakfast which consist sizzling pan of homemade tomato, union, studded with sausage, ham, crowned with two eggs half cooked, toasted bread and mesclun salad and the presentation was very unique because they're using sizzling pan.

there are 4 variants for the flavour which are Original (IDR 30K), Strawberry (IDR 35K), Chocolate (IDR 35K), Hazzelnut (IDR 35K). The one that we got was Chocolate Waffle which was really great, it served with a scoop of ice cream and topped with chocolate sauce. Chocolate sauce is suppah fantastic! It was crunchy on the outside and felt so soft in the inside when you tasted it in your mouth :D

Bread Pudding (IDR 32K) 
this one too also taste very great option for your breakfast. Not too sweet in tongue. With warm oven baked bread with raisin serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream that gave a coldness sensation from it!

The Chocolate Lava  (IDR 38K) 
was served warmly (you could see from the photo we've taken), also served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It tasted very delicious and we think its very sweet for those who don't like sweet.

The Carnivor Apple Crumble (IDR 35K) 
is like slice of apple and scattered by bread flour along with vanilla ice cream for topping, but sadly, when we wanted to tried the vanilla ice cream with the slice of apple, the vanilla ice cream already melting.

Thank you so much Carnivor to invite Overload Journals to your fantastic breakfast launching! We're truly fulled and blessed with your yummiest menu! And we would like to remind you all that our email finally changed into :D Please don't forget to check out our zomato account here to read Indonesian version and check our previous post with Otosan Suki here.

Carnivor Barbecue Specialist
Ruko Crown Golf, Blok D No. 11-12, Bukit Golf Mediterania
Jl. Marina Indah Raya
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
(021) 92008093


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