Sunday, 7 September 2014

Re-visit Fish n Co (Quick Post)

HELLO! We're back to post another re-visit restaurant soon as we're going to postpone for a week. And we're going back to visit Fish n Co! Hmm...maybe Fish n Co is the most top fish restaurant in Jakarta (we think so :D). How about you hungry people? There are times when we always attracted by the most crispness and delicate fish n chips by Fish n Co. This is not sponsored post, but we're truly saying that this restaurant is damn addicting to us.

Well, let's talk about portions they gave us. It's a huge fish fillet and one of us never finished her food because she said that she was truly fulled (guess who?). Even though in Fish n Co Grand Indonesia more affordable and less portion than other places like Kota Kasablanca or Pacific Place, we think it's more than enough (unless you're way too hungry). That's why we always choose Fish n Co as our "short-gateaway" with more affordable yet deliciousoo fish ever! So, let's move on to the food, shall we?

 Fishy-licious Mac n Cheese (40k)
This is insane! We just amazed with oh-my-God-look-at-that-melting-cheese on the top of the pasta. This is medium portion of pasta with melted cheese and some of fish fillet or popcorn fish you might wanna call it. Why everything with cheese always be delicious? Let us know :)

 Best Fish n Chips in Town: Tomato Butter (45k)
If you like not-too-spicy with mix and match with sweet flavors, you might wanna try this one. This tomato butter is yummy from its taste. Worth to try!

 Best Fish n Chips in Town: Portuguese (45k)
This is less spicy from Peri-Peri flavors but more spicy than Tomato Butter. Nothing too special but, if you like medium spicy then you should try this one. And for the drink, we tried Passion Fruit (18k).
So, that's it for today quick post about re-visit restaurant. If you can speak Indonesian, please check out our Zomato in here. You can also grab our photos without logo in our Zomato. And also, we got news from Zomato that they are now in Bali! Freaking excited about Bali Foodies! Let us know if you're Bali foodies. Last but not least, check our previous post with The MOMO Restaurant & Bar Grand Opening in here.
We're gonna postpone maybe for a week or less. But stay tuned with our next post about Fast Food Favorites!

Fish & Co. 
Grand Indonesia Mall
Lantai Lower Ground, West Mall
Jl. MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta


  1. Nice reviews, it looks really good! :)

  2. Wow, looks like you're really a huge fan of Fish & Co! xoxo
    Luxury Haven

  3. OMG I can't agree more with ''why everything with cheese always be delicious?' yeah, I wonder why. haha. just can't resist that melted cheese on Fishy-licious Mac! amazing review like always! :D

  4. oh maaannn . fish and co !!
    one of my favorite restaurant that serves tasty dory fish Q_Q
    want want want !!

    xion xiu

  5. waaah this all looks so yummy! This made me hungry :(

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