Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Grand Opening The MOMO Restaurant & Bar

 HELLO! Long time no post about food, but taday we're gonna review Grand Opening The MOMO Restaurant & Bar. Well, this is our first time to get invited for the grand opening and we excited to come of course! We came on Thursday, 28 August 2014 in Senopati, beside Three Buns Burger Restaurant. The dress code such an unique. It was East Meets West. Andrea wore a nice abstract Japanese tops and white skirt and Hafiz wore brown batik with brown chino pants. 
We were little bit thrilled with the event because it hosted by Mike Lewis, Marissa Nasution, Wulan Guritno, and Joe Taslim. And also, Indra Herlambang as a MC for the grand opening. We also met Alika Islamadina and Ana Octarina. There was a photobooth with their traditional symbols, geisha and ninja! Too much fun for the photobooth :D
Let's move on to the food and drinks!
We got our red wine and we got free cocktails created by Jared De Mello, a mixologist. We got What Woman Wants with macaroon and Ayshire Twinkle. They also gave us some choices, there were Grape in Gold and Hendrick's and tonic.

 And for the food, we always keep attention when they put out their food from the kitchen (what foodies do). We didn't remember all the food names because it was such a crowded place and we were really distracted with people passing by. There were sushi with salmon, chicken with teriyaki sauce (we love this one! very soft and moist!), smoked salmon with sauce, spicy tempura (we love this one tho! especially dat sweet mix with spicy sauce), truffle meatballs with rice (it was a beef with teriyaki sauce), vegetables dimsum, and tofu with chicken.
 It was such a fun experience to come on The MOMO Grand Opening. Even though we couldn't join until it finished, but we had a nice night ever (we're not too drunk but we're truly fulled with the food!). Biggest thanks for ZOMATO and The MOMO for the invitation, it was unforgettable experience and gratify event!
Don't forget to comment down below and feel free ask about anything you would like to ask. And check our previous post here. Keep update with us for next re-visit restaurant post.

THE MOMO Restaurant & Bar
Jl. Senopati Raya no. 92
South Jakarta
Phone: (021) 7397459


  1. Great reviews! :)


  2. The pink drink looks geeat :D


  3. Looks good! I love how there's a macaron with the drink! :)


  4. Such delicious food *Q* Everything looks so yummy and I want to try it T_T I wish the restaurant would be in my country !! I totally love the look of the pink drink with the macaron in it *-* ♥

    Mindy ♥

  5. the drink looks so yummy, especially with a macaroon :D


  6. Dear Andrea & Hafiz,

    On behalf of MOMO Restaurant and Bar, we would like to personally thank you for attending our Grand Opening and sharing us your wonderful review of the event.

    We are pleased to hear that you enjoyed our food and drinks, and had a great time at the party.

    Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you again soon in MOMO!


    Jl Senopati Raya no 92

  7. Looks like you'd a great evening feasting good food, dear!
    Luxury Haven

  8. We had a lot of last minute summer party ideas to add, and the staff was eager and willing to help. The food was amazing. They have extremely unique and tasty food.


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