Monday, 18 August 2014

Protein Over Rice by Bobabits

HELLO! When we across Bobabits, we saw a medium poster with various kinds of Protein Over Rice. Looked quite tempting, we decided to have a lunch in here. You can choose outdoor area or indoor area. The restaurant is very unique. You can see paper chairs, wood tables, and crack eggshells as their lamps.
 For the food of course, we chose Protein Over Rice. We tried Salmon Fin Teriyaki Over Rice (45k) which is a medium portion of rice and 6 pcs of teriyaki salmon fin with garlic butter veggies, and organic poached egg. They served the dish with sweet sauce so the rice felt so sweet and little bit salty.
 Then we chose Garlic Butter Dori Over Rice (45k) which is a medium portion of rice and 5/6 slices of garlic butter dory served with garlic butter veggies, and organic poached egg. We love the dory fillet. It's so tender and moist and we like when they served it with sweet sauce! They also give you another alternative to choose smaller dory fillet named as Popcorn Dori.
 And for the drink, Bobabits has their own style to make tea with other variety. They gave us recommended drinks like Mango Tea (non yakult) for 21k (with yakult, 24k) and Jasmine Tea with yakult (24k).
 This new brand from Bobabits is really made us fulled! The portion is medium above and the price is for 150k for 2 person. Affordable, isn't it? The service they gave us not good enough. A waitress looked so annoyed and grim. Also, a waiter had a phone-call when their customers in front of them. What ashamed. They also didn't say any "thank you" for us. They need to increase their potency to serve people.
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Gading Walk, Mall Kelapa Gading 2
#GW 15-17, North Jakarta
Phone: (021) 4507970


  1. the garlic butter dori looks suuuuper good!!

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  2. The dory fishes are so cute! The ones we have here are usually quite big.
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  3. You look gorgeous in this outfit!wow! this looks yummy and healthy at the same time!

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  4. Looks yummy Re! I really want to taste the dori too!


  5. great post.. the food looks so yumm .. have a great day xo

  6. Gorg pics and the dishes looks so delicious.

  7. Ah, so tempting. it looks delicious! Great post!


  8. The egg looks so delicious!



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