Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Popolamama Jakarta (New Restaurant!)

HELLO! Back again with us! We decided to remake this blog. First, we would like to inform you that this blog is our blog. Our? Yes, this blog is actually contains two people who make this blog happens until today. Mostly about our food journey since we always eat and hunting food together. But also, we want to add a little bit "featuring" with our friends, family, or any events contain food. Feel free to check out our NEW EMAIL for further information in the description box under our logo.
As we heard a lot of things about Popolamama, we decided to go! After we were searching for any information about Popolamama, we packed our things to go to Grand Indonesia. It's a Italian restaurant served pasta and pizza for most of the menu. We came earlier for our lunch and seated nearly the wide-windows so we can easily took photos with sun lighting. The place is comfortable with a huge rack in the middle and open-kitchen nearly the windows. They made this restaurant become outdoor restaurant which is we like it so far.

After we sat, we chose our food with their menu list which has a mother illustration for its cover.Very unique. We decided to try recommend menu from the restaurant. As you can see, we chose Cream Sauce Style (52k) with smoked beef, spinach, and rucola. Even though it's not creamy at all, we like that they gave us a huge portion of spaghetti. The spaghetti is kinda dry but we love the rucola and spinach when we put them together with cream.

 For the pizza menu, we decided to try Beef Pepperoni (65k) with mixed cheese onion and tomato sauce. This is the most recommended menu for you guys! Even the bread looks tiny but its crispness made us enlightened! Melting cheese served with oily beef from the oven was over-tempting. For our drink, we just chose ice lemon tea (20k) and ice tea (18k).

For all the average range for their price is about 150k-200k per 2 person. We think that's so affordable price with worth taste! The service they gave us is quite good enough even they still look nervous and not fast enough to gave us our bills.
 Thank you all for today's review! Hope we satisfied you guys with our food post. Don't forget to check out our latest review in Manhattan Fish Market.

Popolamama Restaurant
Grand Indonesia Mall
Lantai 3A, West Mall
Jl. MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta
Phone: (021) 23580415


  1. Thse spaghetti looks so yummy!! Great photo's as always.

  2. I looks absolutely delicious! :)


  3. the pasta looks amazing!

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  4. I always adore your photos. They all looks really "alive". The pasta really makes me droll!! :D

  5. the food looks really yummy :)

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  7. yumm these look so delish!!

  8. Love the food shots! I'm salivating now, Andrea! Hahaha!

  9. this pizza looks like a heaven!
    thanks for sharing!

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  10. Looks amazing! Especially the spaghetti! Best, CD. ican'taffordmylifestyle

  11. OmG, this looks so delicious!,
    Xoxo Melle



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