Sunday, 3 August 2014

Manhattan Fish Market

HELLO! Back again with me and Hafiz of course with Manhattan Fish Market. Maybe we should try another new restaurants in Jakarta soon as possible. I like to review old restaurant. I mean not only "new" restaurants but I should give them a compliment with their services and tastes. Not all of new restaurants could give us two points from I mention before. Actually it is a late post. So, we had a breakfasting in Grand Indonesia and we decided to eat at Manhattan Fish Market. We came earlier because we were afraid that we couldn't get a table. So we arrived on 5 pm and started to choose our menu. We sat in front of the kitchen and the kitchen was so hectic and crowded. They put out all of the food on 6 pm.

Back to menu we chose. For appetizer, we chose Single Garlic Herb Mussels (32k) and you will get 5 mussels with creamy sauce and served with slices of baguettes. For main course, I chose Manhattan Fish and Chips (69k). You can choose lite for 55k (1 slices of fillet fish) or reguler 69k (2 slices of fillet fish). They're serving fillet fish with their original creamy sauce which is Garlic Herb sauce. Also you can add cheese for 15k. Hafiz chose Old Fashioned Southern Taste (69k) which is a chicken fillet served with mashed potato and cranberry coleslaw. For the drinks, we chose Ice Lemon Tea and Ice Tea for 25k and refill. They gave us a better services!
Manhattan Fish & Chips

Old Fashioned Southern Taste
That's all for today's review. Hope it would be helpful for you guys to find and search restaurants in Jakarta. Also, check out my previous post in Oh La La Cafe. If you search for Indonesian's version, you can check Overload Journals on Zomato!
Happy Weekend!

Manhattan Fish Market
Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall
Lantai 3A, West Mall
Jln. MH Thamrin
Central Jakarta
phone: (021) 23581055


  1. The Manhattan fish and chips looks so delicious!!

  2. AH I guess I haven't tried this place yet. Is the fish & chips more delicious than the Fish n Co?


  3. Looks delicious!

  4. Mmmm, this looks amazing! :)

  5. Yummy yummy! I was wondering where you have been Andrea. Glad you are back.

  6. The food looks so yummy and scrumptious... thanks fr sharing,.., happy monday xo

  7. OMG I wanna go there so badly!!! The fish & chips looks soooo delicious!!!! <3

  8. omg!!! I'm getting hungry just looking at these pics!!

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  9. Aah! Fish and chips!!!! ♥ ♥ btw dear, I added you to my Blogger reading list ;)

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  10. one of my fave eating place! <3
    your pics make me hungry haha


  11. Fish Manhattan is one of my son's fave hunts; I've one outlet just about 5 mins walk from my home. Happy weekend, dear!
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  12. The food look so yummy! :) Great photos.
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