Sunday, 15 June 2014

Monolog Coffee Co.

HELLO! Today I'm back to review another famous coffee shop in Jakarta, which is Monolog Coffee located in Plaza Senayan. Even I'm not a coffee fans, and actually we wanted to try seafood restaurant but it was closed then we decided to go to Monolog Coffee. We seated on smoking area (outdoor) and finally I found my fresh milk in their menu. I give them 7/10 for services they provided because when we asked a waitress to wait and we would call her later, she was looked like cranky. So, if she read my review, hope she can change her ethics to serve costumers. I think a waiter/waitress should respect us as their costumer because we pay the bills! Enough for me to say, let's move on to the food, shall we?
The place was so full with people because it's Sunday of course. Christoph Darjanto (Monolog's owner) make this restaurant become more interesting not only with creation of coffee but also with good quality of their dishes and their interior design! But they have to provide the service and replace a snob waitress with a better one please :) Enough for me to say, I felt unlucky because I couldn't take a photo of their interior design which is I adore it soo much! I found maps and brains hanging in their walls. Also I was drooling when I looked the desserts.
I was looking the perfect dish for my late lunch (but still thinking with seafood actually). Then I chose Chicken Florentine Galette (78k) and fresh milk (28k). Creamy chicken served with spinach and also melted cheese and mushrooms. I love the crepes and it's so match with creamy chicken! Then Hafiz chose Omelettes (68k) served with spinach, beef bacon, and cheese. He also chose Espresso (26k) served with water. I think the price is expensive but they offer big portions for each dish. So, I said it's worthy to try!

Omelettes with Spinach, Beef Bacon, and Cheese (68k)
 Chicken Florentine Galette (78k)

That's all for today's review, I hope you like my daily post about food and keep drooling! And don't forget to comment down below and put your link so I can check it now :)

Monolog Coffee Co.
Plaza Senayan CP 101 B, Palm Gate Entrance
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8 - South Jakarta 10270
P +6221 572 5144 
Street Gallery 1st floor No. 101 B, Pondok Indah Mall 1
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah - South Jakarta 12310
P +6221 2952 9775


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  4. The food looks delicious! @o@ Boo! I hate waiters like those :( I mean, I know they're human and they get tired and stressed out, but in the service business, it's always important to be attentive, have initiative, and SMILE to attract customers. I hope if ever you guys go back there again, the waiter won't be cranky.

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  5. This sounds really good! =)
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  6. Looks so yummy! I'll maybe try some :)

  7. It all looks delicious!

  8. I love restaurant reviews, you right customer service has to be friendly. It helps change the whole ambiance and experience.

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  9. your blog makes me hungry all the time!! :( :( makes me want to live in Indonesia lol

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  10. Looks like a very yummy food. Gonna give it a try. ;)

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  12. This place looks great. I've always wanted to travel to Jakarta and if I do I will be using your blog as a reference of places to visit!



  13. your photos always make me so hungry in the mid of the night :|


  14. You made my mouth watering again Andrea. You always have so yummy delicious photos! Great review as always.

  15. Yum! It all looks so good!

  16. Everything looks delicious! Did you change your site layout? It looks a bit different in a good way <3

  17. Looks delicious! :)

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  19. I'm also not a fan of coffee, but the food certainly delights me.

  20. It looks delicious! Im starving now!

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