Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Tokyo Belly Grand Indonesia

 Hello lovely readers! Today I'm going to review Tokyo Belly in Grand Indonesia. Well, this is the 2nd times I went to Tokyo Belly. 1st time I went to this restaurant when I met up with my friends in highschool. I tried Carbonara Pasta just for 62k (I didn't take a photo of it) and I totally recommend it if you search for some pastas in Tokyo Belly. Creamy pasta served with 1/2 boiled egg on the top, wohoo...totally fulfilled my tummy.
So, if you look at my photos now, they're kinda different...well, not because I change my camera but I just put myself curious to make my photos have VSCO effects. After two days I learned from internet and try another ways to make look precisely, finally....*heavy-breathing*...what do you think? lemme know.
 Lucky for us, we got our table near the windows so we can look Jakarta's view. We wanted to go to Union but, you know...Jakarta's traffic jam...*sigh*

The Foods & etc:
Give them thumbs up for the service they provided (8/10). Overall, I really like the foods. Hafiz said he should try another foods in Tokyo Belly. I gave them 9/10 for the foods. And the prices? They have standard prices for the foods (like pasta about 50-100k, mini burger and bun ++18k), I gave them 8/10.

Tokyo Belly Bun (18k)
Signature dish steamed bun with BBQ Chicken crunchy served with lettuce, cilantro, mushrooms, and tokyo belly sauce. Pretty small size of bun but they offer you yummy tokyo belly sauce.

J Burger (20k)
Pillow soft burger served with black pepper boneless chicken. I tried a little bit and it's quite good enough for me but the chicken is too harsh.

Vongole Pasta (62k)
Fresh pacific short-neck clams sauteed with creamy cream sauce. As I always said, I love creamy pasta and I just can't get enough. So, I decided to try this one called Vongole Pasta. I got many clams and I think they're good but a little bit squishy. You can choose another sauces. Overall, I like it.

Oreo Cheese Parfait (35k) 
And for the last thing we ate is Oreo cheese as our dessert. It's crunchy corn-flakes with cream cheese and pieces of oreo. Totally recommended!

Sweet Ice Tea (18k) and Single Espresso (20k)
Well, Hafiz chose espresso and he got a very small espresso (not big as Starbuck's espresso) and I didn't take a picture of it's ugly.
Maybe, Tokyo Belly is gonna be our fav spot to dine-in but I don't know, because they offer nice foods and with nice prices tho! (LOL).
That's all for today don't forget to check out another restaurant and comment down below!
Happy eating, fellas!

Tokyo Belly
Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall
West Mall level 3A
Central Jakarta


  1. I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about *VSCO effects* lol but your photos are gorgeous Andrea! Love them and the burger made my mouth watering. So well done girl! Great job.
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  2. Wow, the Oreo Cheese Parfait looks fantastic and so delish! *O*

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  4. What cool images! And this all looks delicious.

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  5. you took such lovely pictures. I'm practically drooling here. anyway i nominated you for the liebster award! Check it out here:

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  7. I'm craving again. I'm honestly thinking what that J burger tastes like :)


  8. Cute menus. I love their logo

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  11. Yum everything looks delish! I love the simplicity of the way its plated!

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  12. the dessert looks so yummy <3 all these food is making me hungry :)

  13. oh no im so hungry right nw!
    I want to have it haha ^^

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  15. The food looks amazing!!!!!

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