Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Canteen

Today I'm gonna review about The Canteen in Plaza Indonesia. The Canteen also opened their restaurant in Pacific Place. A month ago, we decided to take a dinner in The Canteen, but after we ate in Raffel's, Pacific Place, we finally made a decision to have another dinner in YO' Panino. And now, we have an idea to trying The Canteen.
They have an unique concept for their restaurant which is next to Aksara bookstore. I might say I'm very impressed for their concept combining two places (restaurant and also a bookstore). The Canteen offer standard price with range 50k until 150k for the foods. Well, the price isn't the same as the price of school's canteen or whatev. But, if you wanna have some fancy lunch or dinner, you might spend more money, right?
We came a little bit late for our lunch. The place isn't that I expected (I thought it would be bigger). And the distance between the tables is uncomfortable for me. But, give them thumbs up for the service they provide! Thanks God, the restaurant has a good light so I can easily take a picture of my food!

Thai Prawn Croquette (50k)
 Served with sesame cilantro mayonaise dip. I must say that he loves it, but for me it's a little bit nauseated without any sauce.

Baked Potato with Smoked Salmon (50k)
Served with cream cheese for appetizer. I really love the plating and it's wondrous appetizer for me. How about the tastes? Is it "worth it"? I didn't ask the waitress for the salmon. And I realized the salmon is "uncooked" so, I leave it to my boyfriend (LOL). The baked potato is too cold but I do love the flavors and the cream cheese.

And for our drinks, we ordered:
 Dilmah English Tea (40k)

Coca Cola Zero (25k)
 For my suggestion for you guys: If you wanna have some fancy places to eat, you might check their restaurant's review first. Sometimes, the price isn't worth it for the taste, the service they provide, or the uncomfortable ambience. It's up to you :)
Thanks for reading my review, see you for my next yummy post!
The Canteen
Plaza Indonesia 
level 5
Jl. M. H. Thamrin kav 28-30
Central Jakarta
Pacific Place Mall
4th floor SCBD 
Jl. Jend. Sudirman kav 52-53
South Jakarta


  1. Every time I see your blog posts it makes me so hungry haha :)
    have a lovely day

  2. ohh you don't understand how hungry this post makes me!! I haven't had dinner yet haha!
    I love coke zero (even though it's bad for you lol.. ) This makes me wish I was there!!

  3. Croquette nya kok kayanya enak banget sih :D
    I have never tried the Canteen because Pannacotta Etc always more tempting hahaha.
    Nice post !!

    ♥Ongles et De La Vie De Puspita♥

    1. my sister also told me Pannacotta etc offer delicious pannacotta for dessert :)
      thanks for your recommendation kak ^^

    2. Enak banget say parrrah. Aku suka banget Baileys nya hahaha cobain deh

    3. aaah jadi pengen kakk *cekdompet* :"D

  4. Hi!! I'm soo craaving right now!! And I would also like to tag you to the Liebster Award if you want? Followed your site! Hope you could do the same! :)

  5. So amazing pics!!!
    It seems delicious
    Your blog is amazing
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    The Indian Savage Diary

  6. yumm!! looks so good! :)

  7. wow such a lovely post! great job x

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  8. Not enough food bloggers out there. It's amazing that you decided to do this. :)
    Looks yum!

  9. Everything looks delicious!

  10. Wow, the food looks amazing! The restaurant looks great. I really like the ambience <3 Although, I have to admit... This post made me hungry lol

  11. Yummy Food!

  12. the food all looks so delicious ^^
    hope i was there too to try spoonful of it

  13. interesting food!


  14. It seems so cozy restaurant! And the food looks really delicious :)


  15. Wow!! Yummy. Nice foods! :-)

  16. ahhhh.... YUM! It looks delish! Great post, I wish I could go here! haha.

    i can’t afford my lifestyle

  17. Looks so delicous!
    Maybe we can follow each other? Just let me know!

  18. This post made me hungry:) I hate when a restaurant's tables are too close to each other as I feel uncomfortable as well. The plates look delicious, too bad they weren't that good though! I am always curious to try new restaurants but as you said they are not always worth the price. Have a lovely weekend!

  19. Canteen used to be my favorite lunch place when I was working at Thamrin :D


  20. What a coincidence! I've also published a food review & one of the dishes was croquette too! Lovely review, sweetie!

  21. itu di PI ree? tempatnya cozy kayaknya..pas lo foto lg sepi yahh? i gg to try new cafe in sg nex week! hihi pengen ngebolang sendirii~

    1. yes cozy bgt kalo yg deket jendela gt bell ^^ I wish I could go to sg playing with you bell

  22. I hsould say that the croquette is a must tested <3 xx


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