Sunday, 18 May 2014

Magnum Cafe Grand Indonesia

Hellow readers! Back again with me! Today I'm gonna review something sweet for your teeth with Magnum Cafe in Grand Indonesia. We wanted to try Tokyo Belly because when we saw the restaurant, it wasn't crowd ^^. But, then I was curious to see Magnum Cafe and then lucky me, no more waiting list for us. So, we started to enter the restaurant. It was 5pm and it was really gloomy. And we decided to be seated on the outdoor area. 
A little bit informations about Magnum Cafe, they offer you sweet escape for pleasure seekers. The House of Chocolate is their new concept for the restaurant. You will see the taste of chocolate in the interior design of the restaurant. In case of emergency, they have ice cream for you. They created inovations from Magnum collections by chocolatier Steve Diaz (Belgia).
I really love the atmosphere because I could see Jakarta's view from Magnum Cafe's rooftop. Such a beautiful scenery up here and we enjoyed our sunset with our food. No more words describe how much I adore this breathtaking scenery so much!

Enough for me to say anything about the restaurant, now let's talk about food, shall we?

Pain de Charleroi (40k)
Bread covered with slices of banana and strawberry and also with chocolate dip and two Magnum ice cream covered with peanuts. The plating is beautiful! It is really classic and glamour, honestly.

Spaghetti a la Creme (49k)
Do you know spaghetti with cream is always caught my eyes? I just can't resist the spaghetti a la creme LOL. I don't know why, I was hungry and when I looked at it, who says no? It is really waken my appetite with creamy spaghetti and slices of beef. I recommend this one!

Sweet ice tea (18k) and Apple juice (20k)
That's all for today. Okay thank you for reading my review!

Magnum Cafe
Grand Indonesia Mall
Lantai 6, West Mall
Jl. MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta


  1. Yummy! That all looks so delicious ♥

  2. this is such an amazing post! MAde me hungry. LOL Have a great day. :)

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  3. All the food looks really delicious! I never go to magnum cafe because it's always crowded there.
    Amazing post btw! :))


  4. Amazing post say :)
    I love the red velvet! actually i'm not a fan of the cake, honestly i'd go with Union's one. But, i love the ice cream that goes with the Red Velvet, you should try iiiiitttt!!!

    ♥Ongles et De La Vie De Puspita♥

    1. I'm gonna try Union soon, iyaa aku juga dengernya red velvetnya mantabb

  5. omg!!!just looking for the magnum ice cream instantly i become so hungry!!haha:D
    spaghetti*A*looks so good!!

    You're welcomed to take a peek to my daily life!
    Adventure of P-chaaaaan!!

  6. Yummy, i never try it.

    wanna try someday~


  7. Hmm deliciousoo ! Craving for magnum ♥♥

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  9. Delights!

  10. Ahh, it all looks delicious, but especially dessert!

  11. Looks so yummy! I'm a sucker for sweets <3 I've eaten at the MAGNUM cafe in Thailand and it was such a heavenly experience!! Not sure if they have it here in the Philippines but I'll do my research hehe :D

  12. OMG, you're making me soooooooo hungry! I've yet to visit the Magnum Cafe in Singapore.......

  13. This looks delicious, I never knew there was a magnum cafe! I must visit it when I go to Jakarta soon!! Glad I clicked on your comment on NINE IN THE AFTERNOON's blog and got led back here to yours. Your blog's pics and layouts are great too, keep it up! Just followed on GFC and bloglovin' <3 Also, you should check out my newest OOTD featuring ALEXANDER WANG, mixed FRIEZE art fair 2014 in NYC coverage, talk about mixing fashion with art, guaranteed to include the best of weirdest contemporary art you'd ever feast your eyes upon. I dare you to be provoked, haha! #FRIEZE

    xx The Provoker

  14. Wow. It all looks so delicious!

  15. oh no
    all look so tempting especially the dessert
    I like carbonara spaghetti as well ^^

  16. Yummy! Look tasty! I'd like to try those! Nice post, thanks!

    Hope to keep in touch and support each other on GFC or bloglovin :)
    Let me know, i will follow u back asap..


  17. AH! So fat but so yummy! :9
    I've spent money a lot too lately, I suggest you to start doing a spending bans:)


  18. aww so mouth watering! Looks super delish!

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  19. I wanna try the Magnum bars soon! Too bad there wasn't a store near me. :( This is the third food blog that I encountered today. I'm totally craving! Love the spag a la creme as well.


  20. GI is my fav mall in Jakarta but I've never eat at Magnum Cafe. It always full you know :(
    Next time, I'll try because of this post :)

  21. Everything looks so delicious! I wish I could go there as well :)


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