Saturday, 10 May 2014

Kitchenette Restaurant and Crêperie

Kitchenette is one of our favorite comfort & calming place for having brunch or supper or maybe dinner/lunch. We used to become Kitchenette's admirer since they opened their restaurant in Senayan City. Well, because Jakarta have tons of good places to go, we're kinda rarely visit Kitchenette restaurant. If you live in J-town, you must heard about it.
The concept design of the restaurant same as the name of the restaurant itself. Kitchenette offer you a good kitchen's restaurant in Jakarta by well-known Ismaya Group. Kitchenette also opened their restaurants in Plaza Indonesia and also Tribeca Central Park. You might love how lovely the interior design of the Kitchenette because you'll see kitchen's equipments and ingredients/seasoning as their furnitures.
Kitchenette also offer you the crêperie for dessert you may have with your friends or family gathering.
After we seated on smoking area (but we're not smokers), we finally start to choose our dishes. I must to say, even though I'm not a smoker, I prefer to choose outdoor area than indoor. First, maybe I can get a good light to take my pictures and I really love the ambiance with the trees, the winds, and also the pool.

Crispy Chicken Wings with Homemade Barbeque Sauce (55k)
Totally recommended! My favorite dish in Kitchenette so far. You can't resist how delicious the barbeque sauce.
 Peek a boo!

 Crispy Chicken Tenders with Creamy Mushroom Sauce (65k)
Five chicken tenders with creamy sauce is our new favorite dish now! The creamy sauce is beyond tempting but a little bit watery. I think the ginger flavor is too strong for me.

 Jasmine Tea (25k)

Ice Lemon Tea (28k)
Sorry, I'm tea lover, guys :D
 It has been 6 days since Oliver (my bunny fuzzy loop) passed away. I really miss my little buddy. We used to play at midnight and in the morning. I miss him when he jumped through my hand and started to stand up and licked my fingers. But I know now he's with God in a safe place, playing with his friends. And lastly, I wish you the best and I do love you, Oliver :) *startcryingagain*.

Thanks readers! Don't forget to comment down below and I see you on my next review! Ciao!

Kitchenette Restaurant and Crêperie
Senayan City
Ground floor, South Jakarta


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I'm sure he's happy now playing with other bunnies in heaven :)


    1. thank you kak :) yeah I hope he'll be in the right place with his friends

  2. Liked the pictures, and look great :)

  3. Oh wow the food looks yummy :) have a great weekend

  4. I just love your food pics. They are always spot on.
    Have a fabulous weekend doll

  5. Craaaaaving!! Its like Kitchenette will be on my to-visit-place when I got there in Indonesia!!

    Midnight Blues

  6. nom nom looks so yummy ♥


  7. Looks so delicious!! xx Can I tag you to the Liebster Award? :)

  8. This place looks delicious! Food envy!



  9. ohh everything looks so delicious and you took some great photos!!
    That jasmine tea looks so refreshing!!

  10. Oh my... Everything looks sooo good! I wanna try the Crispy Chicken Wings <3

  11. aww:( aku pernah juga punya kelinci trus dimakan anjing-_-hiks..;_;
    aaaaa enak enak kayaknya apalagi crispy chicken wings nya...tapi lagi diet...uuuugh;_;

    Adventure of P-chaaaan!!

  12. hai dear.. duhh keliatannya enaak bgtt.. jadi pengen kesana.. tempatnya lucu juga.. waktu itu aku pergi ke kitchennete CP.. but it doesnt really taste good.. maybe i ordered the wrong menu.. i ordered some pasta..i forget the name..
    but i must try this one omg..your photo makes me want to eat !

  13. Oh wow this looks scrumptious!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

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    You're welcomed to take a peek to my daily life
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  17. Oh my gosh I can't get over how amazing all of the food looks!!

    Rebecca Coco

  18. oh no
    so tempting
    im hungry right now ^^

  19. Looks so delicoius!

  20. It looks too tasty! I became starving!

  21. Gosh! I could never resist those crispy bites with the mushroom soup!
    Luxury Haven

  22. the food looks delicious! this post is making me so hungry! :)))

  23. you look so pretty i really like your blog and i am now following you :)

    follow back and keep in touch sweetie x

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