Saturday, 3 May 2014

Fook Yew Restaurant

Fook Yew is a new restaurant created by the famous Ismaya Group. Fook Yew founded on the idea of Shanghai streets. This restaurant has an old-fashioned Chinese canteen if you look for their interior design. Fook Yew also collaborate the Shanghai bistro with an unique Bubble Tea Lab. Their design concept is very fun with the chinese things like Chinese Zodiac, Chinese movies, Chinese pop art, and also Chine famous red and yellow gold colors for their restaurant. Because I'm a half Chinese, I have my responsibility to try this restaurant haha. It's located in front of Sushi Groove Restaurant. Fook means Fortune and Yew means friendship. So, Fook Yew is the right place for sharing and meet up with your friends!
So, what are you waiting for? 

We had so much fun in Fook Yew and we decided to have another dinner in Fook Yew soon!

#FookTweet gave us free Shanghai Honey Toast for free dessert. Who says no for "free dessert"? They have a different food-treat for each day. So, they gave us free honey toast on Friday. They used to give a free fortune cookie after you pay the bills. 
We really (REALLY) love Shanghai Honey Toast! It's crunchy on the outside but softly in the inside. And we love the sweetness of the toast itself served with melted butter.

 Shanghai Chicken & Prawn with Garlic (32k)
Sheng Jian Bao is the symbol of the Fook Yew itself. It's Shanghainese pan fried bun filled with chicken and prawn. I have to say, my tounge feels melted! I love the garlic flavor and the chicken-prawn is soo soft and yummy! Well, Hafiz ordered this one but I like it so far!

 Hot Green Tea (12k)

Salted Fish and Fried Rice (42k)
Fried rice served with salted fish and some vegetables. I think the fried rice is too salty but it's delicious enough for my tummy.

Iced Lemon Tea (18k)

 Lastly, I decided to take a picture of my table!

What a wonderful two days I have! We came to Fook Yew to celebrate our 1 years 11 months anniversary. Actually, our anniversary is 1 May, but, I've got baby bunny Fuzzy Lop from Hafiz and we decided to take care of him one day full on first March.

 Thanks for reading my review! Stay tuned for upcoming review soon!

Fook Yew Restaurant
Gandaria City
Mainstreet GF
Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall
West Mall


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