Thursday, 20 March 2014

BonChon Chicken

 BonChon Chicken
Hi! Yesterday, I went to my college and I came to see "Archventure 2013" by Architecture 2013 Trisakti. I'm really proud with my friends who dedicate their times to make an amazing exhibition about architecture. I really miss my friends, and I don't know why I just wanna spend time with them little bit longer. I wanna tell you quick review about BonChon. Who doesn't know and doesn't love BonChon Chicken? The most yummy korean chicken I've ever tried! Actually, we decided to try 4 Fingers in FX but unfortunately 4 fingers restaurant was being renovated.
Then, we decided to eat at BonChon, Grand Indonesia. Poor me :( We picked Combo 1 39.5k (4 wings+rice+large drink) and we decided to change our large drink with Milo (add 6k). I chose honey chicken wings and Hafiz chose spicy chicken wings. Both of them totally delicious but I don't like spicy and I prefer to choose honey. I really love BonChon chicken than other korean's chicken wings. If you have another delicious place for its korean's chicken wings, don't forget to tell me :D
Today I saw Miss Granny on blitzmegaplex and I really recommended to you because the movie was so funny ^^ This movie tells story about a grandmother who turns into a young girl and help her grandson with join his band and become a singer.
 My guilty pleasure...

That's all for today, thanks for read my review :D

BonChon Chicken
Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall
West Mall
Central Jakarta


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  2. Great pics dear!

    New post!

  3. Wonderful post. ;-)
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  4. Great post!

  5. Oh the food looks absolutely delicious,x I think it definitely makes up for the bad experience you had with the other restaurant! Also like the inside of the store, looks really cozy and welcoming.x Have a lovely Friday!

  6. woahh waktu itu gue makan bonchon yg di kotkas secara deket rumah :p im dying to try new foods in jkt reeeee huhu pas gue balik fix kita kuliner seharian gamau tauuuuuu. kmrn gue nonton mr peabody haha sama si oppa secara dia demen nya kartun...padahal gue demn nya horor =.=

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  8. Cute new layout! I love BonChon too! But I haven't had it for a while :x


  9. So gorgeous as usual. Happy weekend!

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  11. well, i would say i don't since meat isn't my best friend lol
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  12. Made me hungry *0*

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  13. Looks yummy! :D you made me hungry ;)

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  14. You just made me hungry haha looks sooo yummy! <3

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  15. i looooove bonchon! jadi pengen.. :9


  16. i love bonchon!!! <3
    and I also love your lovely blog :)


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