Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Warung Pasta

Warung Pasta
Today, I just found out Warung Pasta opened in Kelapa Gading, really yeayness! I searched for Warung Pasta at Jalan Boulevard Utara Raya QA3 no.19-20 and finally I tried it. Well, this isn't my first time at Warpas, but I'm craving for pasta and then I decided choose Warpas as my solution.

 Snowy Cheap

 Cream Tiramisu
 Let's start, I picked Spaghetti Snowy Cheap (23,5k) which is spaghetti with cream milk and slices of beef. I really love the cream because it's soft and really tasty. And for the dessert, I picked Cream Tiramisu (17,5k) which is brownies cake in the bottom and with vanilla and tiramisu ice cream in the middle, and last, my favorite part which is vanilla cream! For drink, I just bought Milo (12k). I really love the atmosphere, quiet calm because weekdays and I picked 2nd floor because 1st floor already crowded. I really love fake grass as floor. I recommended for you if you search cheap pasta, pizza, and also search for hangout place with friends also with your family. The 1st floor little bit too dark I think. I feel so sleepy right now, I've just woke up at 5 a.m. and I watched Titanic and Art Of Getting By. Well, finally Hafiz took my clothes from my parent's house and soon I will post for My First Garage Sale! That's all my review, thanks fellas for read my post, I'm going to sleep and please kindly comment below :D
happy hunting food!


  1. Lovely pictures! The tiramasu looks delicious :)
    Your shirt is great as well... polka dots are one of my favourite prints! Such a classic.
    Grace x

  2. ahh you really cuteeee :3 and i've tasted warung pasta too !
    they have delicious pasta indeed with that level of price !

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