Thursday, 13 February 2014

Colette & Lola

Colette & Lola

Colette and Lola - Senopati, South Jakarta
I went to Colette and Lola with my boyfriend since I had spare times this weekdays. I knew Colette and Lola from instagram, path, and other social networks. I really love concept of the restaurant itself, pretty good, vintage, and really sweet for dessert's restaurant. These days, Colette and Lola becomes famous food place in Jakarta. Every food bloggers in Indonesia already tried the cutest "Colette and Lola" cakes. And after knew it, I became curious with Colette. Me and Hafiz strayed away when searching the restaurant. And I really felt dizzy because I haven't eat yet from lunch-time. Then, after walked (Almost 1 hours) finally we found that sweetest restaurant. When we arrived, the waiters greet us with smile and happy. Ok, they made me wanna smile (After walking 1 hours and my feet felt like apart).
And the fun thing to do is choose the cakes I want! I searched for I See Green cakes but the stocks were empty. I couldn't choose because all of them are prettiest cakes ever! From category small cakes, big cakes, big macs, cupcakes, and macaroons, they're all beautiful. And I made my decision to choose Call Me Panda (32k). It has soft moisture of chocolate mousse and cream vanilla in the middle of the cake. At the bottom of the cake, it has cruchy cake and made this cake really yummy and I recommended this cake for you! Hafiz (He doesn't like desserts), he choose This Is Not an Oreo Cake (28k), it has soft cake at the bottom and at the top of the cake, it has soft oreo cream, and slice of oreo biscuit. I prefer my cake than Hafiz's because oreo cake is too soft. I only choose Lemon Tea (25k) from Djournal (Grand Indonesia Shopping Town).
I really enjoy the moments with handwriting at chalkboards and also at the windows. They really make the restaurant seems cheerful and playful! But the restaurant is too small and the distance between the tables too close. So I could hear what people talked beside me.
If you search for Colette and Lola, here's the address: Jalan Senopati Raya no. 64, South Jakarta, acrross BetterCHOCOlatethannever. Goodluck fellas! Thanks for reading my review.

Colette & Lola
JL. Senopati Raya, No. 64
South Jakarta

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