Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Jill in Marketbar Restaurant

Jill in Marketbar - Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Central Jakarta
Me and my boyfriend, Hafiz, already 1 years 8 months on 1 February 2014. I was excited to meet him and like usual we walked around Central Jakarta. And then, my stomach called my name and she wanted to eat. Before I went to Jill in Marketbar, Hafiz wanted to go to BonChon -his favorite korean's chickens- and I accepted what he wants. Finally! After Hafiz's stomach fulfilled with 4 chickens include 2 wings and 2 drumsticks, I decided to fill my stomach with sweet things. Then, we arrived at Jill in Marketbar. The restaurant itself like dinner restaurant. There was smoking place and non-smoking place which is in outside. After I looked out the menu, I'd rather to choose Chocolate Brownies (45k) and Tiny Chocolate Cupcake (30k). The brownies have a thick-chocolate cake and slice of strawberry. And the cupcake have a soft cake but heavy chocolate cream on the top of the cake. I think the cost not worthy, the cakes I bought were too small (If I looked at the costs of course). But in my opinion, the cakes are good and sweet (not too sweet I think). 
Me and Hafiz have a really romantic dinner and talks. I love when we laughed and talked anything in that night (Altough I was sick in that night, LOL!). And lastly, thanks for reading my review at Jill in Marketbar, ciao fellas!

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